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"Its only a matter of time before this is picked up by Netflix, keep up the good work!"


"The production value of this show is amazing. You're killing it, Bry!"


"Best episode so far, Bryan! I’d say this is the best show on youtube at the moment. Keep up the good work."


"Callen's "Best of" series comes through again! Best series on"God's plan" he says .....amen brother. When you start feeling sorry for yourself, remember this man. We are all so blessed."


"Production value is amazing.
Great series Bry. Love it."


"Bryan, your killing it with these "Best Of's". Keep it going son!"


"This series has real potential, I feel like you're really in your element in these scenarios. Whoever is doing the editing is fucking on point also, perfect cuts and audio overlays that make it feel like a good paced well produced show. Good shit wrinks!"


"This 'The best of' series your creating, is one of the best ideas you had now as a creator on this platform!!!.. !¡!¡!!Many Hats Off To You Sir!!¡!¡!"


"This was an amazing episode Bryan, your episodes are like epic HBO specials!!"


"Absolutely loving this series. You’re amazing Bryan thank you for doing what you do and helping us all smile through these weird times."


"Callen you missed your calling. You should have been doing shows like this 20 years ago on one of the major networks. I honestly think this show is going to be huge. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long between shows. Great job sir."


"Callen could be the next Bourdain. He is perfect for it. The perfect balance of comedy and a deep lust for history and culture. And the subtle roasting chemistry with Kevin is great"


"amazing! I think you've finally found the balance between comedy and culture you've always wanted. keep'em coming bro!!!"


"We all love the man dragon. What a legend. This series is better than any show I’ve watched recently."


"Finally. We should have had Bryan doing this style of show on TV or Netflix or something for the last decade. He’s perfect for one of those travel to different cities visit various businesses whether it’s restaurants or boxing gyms or mma gyms or whatever the hell, he’s the perfect guy for a TV show like that and it’s an absolute shame he’s not on one getting paid millions and millions of dollars because he deserves it, in my opinion."


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